Start with an idea. Watch it morph into a color scheme, a logo, an entire brand design. Your idea becomes something tangible, something alive, something your customers can recognize and relate to. You have a brand identity


brand design


"People come to me with an idea, a vague vision of what their company should be, and I turn that idea into something tangible. Those "YES! This is exactly what I had in mind" responses are what I love."
Rachel Smith
Braindead Director

Customized Branding Package

naming, logo, color palette, typography, brand manual, corporate collateral

Whether you’re starting from the beginning, already have a logo, or want a refresh (or complete redo) of your existing brand design, we’ll get you where want to be. 

You’ll leave with a package that suits your needs – I take care of everything from the initial name, through the logo design, and on to the overall look and feel with a well-crafted color scheme and font suite that visualize what your company is about. You’ll be provided a brand guide so you can stay on-brand on your own moving forward.

You’ll also need business cards, letterhead, and all the other corporate goodies to get you started – grand opening sign, discount postcards, gift certificates, loyalty stamp card, promotional materials (pens, coasters, stickers) your heart company desire

Packaging Design

labels, hangtags, boxes, dielines

You may have discovered the formula for more hours in the day, but if it doesn’t attract your customers’ eye, it won’t matter. 

Stunning labels, vibrant boxes, or unique bags make the difference between a product looking meh, and a product looking like I HAVE TO HAVE IT.  “Don’t judge a book” is a cliché for a reason, because the way something is initially presented is key. You can have a decent product with killer packaging and consumers will think it’s great, and vice versa. Don’t have a killer product with sad packaging.

Brand Photography

Your own stock photo library

Do you need initial photos of your space/craft/product for your website and marketing material, or do you need an entire photo library of your own “stock” photos?

We’ll set up a shoot to fit your needs, and your photos will be shot with your brand personality in mind – whether that’s outside with a sunny, optimistic tone, or clean lines and crisp colors for a more professional look, your photos will complement your existing branding.

"Rachel helped (and is continuing to help) our company with a photography project which has been fueling everything from blog posts to internal and cultural communication assets. She's been exceptionally easy to work with."
Jake Rheude
VP of Marketing

Online Presence

website design, social media templates

You know how you can instantly tell if a company is legitimate by a glance its website or social accounts? Look legitimate. Have a well-designed, aesthetic, simple site to showcase your business. Even if it’s just a landing page, having an online presence and something show up in Google is a big deal.

I can also help create a uniform social media presence by providing imagery guidelines, color scheme, and pre-made templates for you to drop content into.

Graphic Design

for everything else that comes up

From infographics to brochures, flyers, and postcards, keeping all of your content on-brand and consistent helps to establish brand awareness, customer loyalty, and look like you’ve got your sh*t together.

With over 10 years in design experience and education, as long as you provide the idea, Braindead can make it look great.


tagline, mission statement, brand/product description, copy editing

Forming ideas into thoughtful, clear, cohesive sentences can be tough, especially when you’re so connected to your brand. YOU get what you’re trying to say – but how do you translate that to everyone else?

Braindead not only makes things look beautiful, we make them sound beautiful, too.